Plane crashes in Cuba killing more than 100, investigation underway

More than 100 people were killed when a Boeing 737 crashed soon after taking off from Havana in what appeared to be Cuba’s worst air

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Heavy rains caused death in Northern regions of Somalia

At least one person dead after heavy rains with powerful winds hit the coastal town of Berbera and it’s near villages, according Somaliland officials of

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Kenya president says 9 soldiers killed in attack in Somalia
- May 8, 2018
Kenya’s president says nine Kenyan soldiers were killed when extremists attacked their patrol car in neighboring Somalia. President Uhuru Kenyatta mourned the soldiers who were killed Sunday evening in an al-Shabab ...
US Calls China’s Use of Lasers in Djibouti ‘True Threat’
- May 5, 2018
PENTAGON — The United States is promising to hold China to account for what officials describe as a dangerous and reckless use of lasers near a U.S. military base in ...
Police hunt for Shabaab recruiters in Lamu, Kilifi
- May 2, 2018
Police are hunting for three people suspected to have recruited 13 youths from Kilifi and Lamu counties into the al-Shabaab terror group based in Somalia. The youths were rescued by the ...
Al Shebab condemns deadly killings in Syria’s Ghouta
- Apr 25, 2018
Somalia-based group of Al-Shabab leader, Abu Ubeida has strongly condemned Russia and Syrian president Bishar Al Assad for deadly killings in eastern Ghouta. Abu Ubeida says Muslims need to unite and ...
Somalia: Islamic State member arrested in Mogadishu
- Apr 25, 2018
MOGADISHU – Somali police soldiers have arrested an Islamic State member following operations in Mogadishu. The detainee, whose name has been released as Jama Hassan Hussein, was nabbed by the police during ...
Somalia’s Puntland president flies to UAE
- Apr 21, 2018
BOSASO – High-level delegates led by Somalia’s sem-autonomous state president of Puntland, Abduweli Mohamed Ali, known as Gaas has flown to Abu Dubai, amid strained relations between Somalia and United ...
Direct dialogue with Somalia and UAE In Saudi Arabia.
- Apr 16, 2018
he Speaking to VOA’s Somali Service, Somalia’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad said talks were ongoing with the Somali Government and the United Arab Emirates, which are not good communication ...
UAE ends programme to train Somalia’s military
- Apr 16, 2018
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is ending a military training programme in Somalia in response to the seizure of millions of dollars and the temporary holding of a UAE plane ...

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DAAWO Subxanallah : Gabar Sheegtay inay Galmo Xaraan ah ku dhacday oo Sheekh Umul Soo Weydiisay Su’aal Yaab leh
- May 22, 2018
Gabar somaliyed ayaa Sheekh umul soo weydiisay Su'aal yaab leh taasi oo ay sheegtay ...
DHAGEYSO : Madaxweyne Xaaf oo Si kulul uga Hadlay dagaalka Tukaraq & Digniina u diray Somaliland
- May 22, 2018
Madaxweynaha dowlad goboleedka Somaliyed ee Galmudug Axmed Ducaale Geelle Xaaf ayaa si kulul uga ...